Recorded at 42nd Street Studio
Formally FulHouse Studio (1984 - 1999)
    Our first personal CD recorded at 42nd Street, simply named '42nd Street'.
    Music was recorded from July 0f 2008 through September 2010.
    Each song had its own unique flair and different equipment each time we time we got together.

    This CD has become an experiment in creative behavior. Each of these songs parts, (guitar, drums, bass, everything)
    were litterally recorded within a few hours of learning each song. This parts are the first imprssions of each song,
    almost like a rehersed jam. Only a few came back to redo some parts. It has been very creative.

    42nd Street
      1 Going Down - Dan Mitzimberg & Steve Humphrey 1999
      2 Lifetime Ago - Dan Mitzimberg
      3 Not Blue - Dan Mitzimberg
      4 Oh Cancun - Dan Mitzimberg
      5 Walk together -Dan Mitzimberg
        Song dedicated to the American Cancer Foundation - Cancer Walk

      6 Why do I got? - Dan Mitzimberg
      7 I'm in love again - Dan Mitzimberg
        (first song I ever wrote - 1968)

      8 Shot Down - Dan Mitzimberg
      9 Makes You Stronger - Dan Mitzimberg
    10 Jogging - Marc Hickey
        (Recorded live in the studio - rhythm and backing vocals added later)

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    Download song $ .99
    Donated to the American Cancer Society

    42nd Street members:
       Dan Mitzimberg - Guitar, bass, keyboards and Vocal
       Marc Hickey - Bass and Vocal
       Frank Dye - Drums

    42nd Street Friends:
       Alex Corona - Bass on Going Down, Shotdown and Oh Cancun
       Jim Skjelstad - Drums on Not Blue, Walk Together and Why do I got the blues?
       Les Kennier - Additional Guitar solo on Oh Cancun
       Dennis McNeil - Additional Guitar solos on Not blue, and Why do I got the Blues
       Luke Basile - Addtional solo on Oh Cancun
       Carl Scheeler - Harmonica

    How did this CD come about? BIO

    All songs are arranged and constructed by all the friends and members of 42nd Street.
    42nd Street reserves the rights all of the music on their web site.
    Please DO NOT duplicate or distribute any of our material.

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